Fire Hiney Hot Sauce

Our Story

Fire Hiney Founder and CEO Carole Chapius is fired up and passionate in her pursuit of saving animals and making the world a better place for them to live. She is a super-star, known nationally for her activism in the animal welfare and rescue community.

For the last 25 years, Carole has run her non-profit organization, Pet Haven Rescue, using private donations and her own savings. Her state-of-the-art, cage-free sanctuary is truly enviable and spectacular. But Carole’s not satisfied with that, so it’s time to move to the next level and look at financing in a whole new way. That’s why she’s introducing Fire Hiney Hot Sauce and unleashing the NEXT BIG THING on the public stage. The hot sauce itself is a concoction of firey spices sure to please the bravest of palates. More importantly, the profits for the sale of this product will propel Carole to grow her brand and seek out new horizons.

When you purchase a bottle of Fire Hiney Hot Sauce, we will donate much of the profit to and other animal rescue organizations. It’s just that simple. Carole’s vision is one of rescue, educate and rehabilitate. Carole’s hot sauce is her vehicle to that attainable goal.


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